Meet the sexy, yet sophisticated model who is very talented at portraying a variety of images. She has a strong passion for modeling and all though she has been modeling for 7 years she still loves that anxious-excited feeling she get every time she’s behind a camera. Vasti loves new ideas and artistic visions. Her strongest genres are promotional, commercial, and print work. She’s had a good amount of assignments but she is hungry for more, new ideas and different images. Her personality is really fun and exciting. She’s very loving, respectful and multitalented. She loves to dance/ go-go dance, attempt’s to sing (ha ha), writes poetry, and spending time with family. She is also trying to break in to the acting industry.

Body Structure
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 34-28-38



Contact Info: