Hello beings of this world. I would like to say it is definitely an honor to be able to express to you who I am and what I represent as a human. My governed name is Porsha Leann Deandra Mitchell. The majority have known me to go by the names of Ferrari and PorshaLee both of which are my altered egos, the altered egos I created unknowingly eradicating myself of all the bad. As a 24 year old being brought up in a fast paced trendy city, I must say my life has been all of crazy. My trials and tribulations have taught me so much and because of that Ive matured and I’ve learned to be all of grateful. My mom always told me to think of life as the metamorphosis of a butterfly. We start out learning who we are then we transcend to become better than what we were before. I’m still learning me as I grow and as apart of growing I’ve learned not to judge no being, but to simply love and understand. I’ve chosen this path to walk because this world needs more love and understanding and less hate and judgment. How can be great if the greatness of ourselves is altered by how we judge others. Meaning we look at ourselves through the naked eye of the universe, we get to see a piece of us in everyone, the good and the bad. How we judge others is how we see ourselves. Alan Watts one of my favorite philosophers once said “So then, the relationship of self to other is the complete realization that loving yourself is impossible without loving everything defined as other than yourself.” I’ve learned to love me so that I can love you.