Marshawn Lynch has been making the news all season for his reluctance to talk to the media. Now that Super Bowl week is here, things haven’t been much different. He spent the majority of the week giving reporters his classic one-liners, in order to avoid getting hit with a $500,000 fine. On Tuesday, which was Media Day, he decided to go with “I’m here so I won’t get fined”. Well today, Marshawn finally decided to give reporters a piece of his mind. Before the press conference started, he pulled out his iPhone to set the timer for five minutes and not a second more. Then he let the reporters have it.

“All week I done told y’all what’s up,” he said. “And for some reason, y’all continue to come back and do the same thing that y’all did. I don’t know what story y’all trying to get out of me, I don’t know what image y’all trying to portray of me. But it don’t matter what y’all think, what y’all say about me, cause when I go home at night, the same people that I look in the family that i love..that’s all that really matters to me.”

During a hilarious five-minute exchange, Beast Mode goes in on the media for constantly harassing him with questions when they know he’s not about that life. Once he finishes his mini-rant, Marshawn sits back and refuses to answer the rest of the questions, only counting down the minutes left on the timer and giving a shout out to “Oakland, California, Westbrook, his teammates, and his real Africans”. Then for the last 20 seconds, he stares blankly at all the reporters with his mouth shut until the timer on his phone finally goes off and he walks off the stage with a quick “thank you”. You can watch the whole thing here.



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