Things got heated at Barclays Center on Monday night. Halfway through the first quarter of the Nets – Rockets game, a fight broke out between Nets forward/center Kevin Garnett and Rockets center Dwight Howard. It started when Motiejunas passed Dwight the ball and in trying to defend him, KG got called for a foul. After the whistle blew, the two players got close to each other and KG pushed Dwight away. Dwight pushed back, KG shoved him a second time, and then hurled the ball at his back as he walked away. When Dwight turned around to confront KG, KG headbutted Dwight and teammates, officials, and security personnel had to run up and separate the two players.

Garnett was given two technical fouls and ejected from the game as a result. Howard was given one technical and he remained in the game. KG and Dwight have had ongoing beef for years, which typically culminates on the court. This fight will only give the two players one more reason not to like each other.


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