The question on everyone’s mind while watching the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards: “Will anyone outdo Miley Cyrus’ 2013 twerking in terms of controversy?” (Also “Why am I watching this?” is the next-likely question one might ask themselves.)

Roughly ten minutes into the show, we got our big moment — albeit one that doesn’t outdo Miley’s: Rapper Nicki Minaj emerged for her verse on pop hit “Bang Bang” while clasping the front of her dress, clearly holding it from coming apart in the front and revealing her nether-regions to the entire country.

No one confirmed that it was an actual “malfunction,” but when a pop star like Minaj spends a whole two minutes on-stage grabbing at her own dress while barely moving or singing, you know something’s gone awry. And the Internet took notice, too: “Did Nicki” is currently trending on Twitter in the United States.

Watch below, via MTV: