New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls

After Derrick Rose tore his medial meniscus in his right knee again, many feared that his 2014-15 season was in jeopardy. However, D-Rose underwent successful surgery today and a timetable for his return has been pegged at 4-6 weeks. If he takes his time returning and sits out for six weeks, he’ll still be able to play in three regular season games before the playoffs get underway.

While it’s positive news that Rose will be returning, the fact still remains that he’s been plagued by knee injuries ever since he signed his five-year $90 million contract extension with Chicago in 2011.

He has shown flashes of his former MVP-level self as of late but given his latest knee injury, you’d be crazy to think he can ever fully return to that caliber of play. He’s certainly capable of being an explosive guard (at times) that can take over a game on any given night, though the likeliness of him sustaining that level of play is slim.

It’s a shame too, because he has all of the necessary tools to be one of the best players in the game but his lack of durability has severely hindered him from reaching his full potential.

Hopefully, he’s able to return and produce in the post-season and beyond; but we won’t hold our breathe.



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