We took a poll today to see which was more popular between the old and new BET, well you guessed it! WHOA! The old BET won. Given that it wasn’t filled with old classic movies with every other word bleeped out and reality shows, although Real Husbands of Hollywood is pretty funny, it still doesn’t compare to the classic BET most of the 80’s and 90’s generation knows it as.
Lets have  walk down memory lane with some classics:
106 & Park (With Free and AJ of course)
HITS: From the Street
Rap City the Basement
Citas World
BET Uncut
Access Granted
Black College Football
College Hill
Comic View
Hell Date
Baldwin Hills
The new generation wouldn’t know anything about these shows! My generation on the other hand would appreciate these shows coming back. Let’s take Rap City: The Basement for example; it was like YO! MTV Raps, but on another level of chilling in your homies basement. Artist came through, talk to the host, (shout out to Big Tigger) the DJ scratched between commercials and then there was a freestyle in the booth. The booth was the anticipation! It was there to show the audience that the artist had raw talent. Now, most people would agree Rap City was cool but nothing compared to 106 & Park. 106 & Park had the ability to draw in the after school audience comfortably so we can pick up the phone and call our friends or see them the next day and relay what happened on the show. Not only did 106 & Park give the opportunity for Hip Hop to have a home, it opened doors for actors and activist to come on the show and discuss anything under the sun. With Free and AJ as the host, BET’s 106 & Park was the place to be. But, since 106 is leaving television, the reviews were luke warm about it being on the web. The people know classic, and early BET was classic.